Rationing Advices :


Your horse’s ration needs to be in accordance with its weight, body fat and work intensity.

Daily ration should be around 2 to 2.5% of your horse’s bodyweight (the average daily ration is around 10 to 15 kg).

Horse feed mixtures are complementary to hay (your horse needs at least 5 kg of hay per day or 1 kg of hay per 100 kg of bodyweight). Indeed, 50 to 70% of the ration should be composed of hay.

Please see each products’ description for daily recommendations according to the activity (reproduction, growth, sport, leisure) and the shape of your horse.


Some additional advices:
  • Make sure that clean and tempered water (10 to 18 °C) is always available for your horse. Needs can vary from 20 to 75 liters a day, according to the season and the work of the horse.
  • Carefully clean toughs and buckets (to avoid contaminations and infections).
  • Respect feeding order: forage (2 hours before horse feed mixtures, if possible), water, feed then water.
  • Split the ration into 2 meals (ideally 3 meals).
  • Any ration change must be progressive (minimum: 1 or 2 weeks).
  • Regularly check your horse’s teeth.
  • Worm your horse 3 or 4 times a year (alternate the treatment each time).
  • Observe and follow your horse’s overall health status on regular basis.


How to calculate your horse’s ration ?



Two types of energetic needs:
  • Energetic needs for maintenance : which are the needs required when your horse has no significant activities.
    These needs of energy are essentially for breathing, digestion and maintaining the general health state.
  • Energetic needs for production : essentially for reproduction, work, competition, etc.
    These energy intakes are determined according to the work’s nature and intensity. These needs represent 10 to 20% of the energetic needs for maintenance in the case of light activities. These needs can be doubled during intensive activities: competition, lactation, etc.
    Protein needs: are correlated to the energetic needs, with higher requirements for lactating broodmares, foals and sport horses.



The EQUIDA range :


EQUIDA’s objectives are to guarantee:

•    High palatability in association with an excellent nutritional valorization,
•    Safer digestion,
•    Immunity,
•    Muscles development,
•    Good looking skin and hormonal balance,
•    Well-being and performance.


Flaked and popped cereals, used in our products’ mixtures, are highly digestible. Cooking and flaking the cereals enhances their energetic yield (thanks to 20% better starch digestibility in comparison to other concentrated horse feed). In addition, cereal flakes are very well appreciated and increase chewing/salivation.


EQUIDA products guarantee an interesting fat intake as well. They are very well digested by your horse and secure a balanced energy intake.

EQUIDA products also guarantee a variety of protein sources: oilseed/protein grains, cereals, alfalfa fiber and alfalfa pellets. Soybean proteins are assimilated slowly during digestion (which is an asset for your horse’s muscular development).

Our products also contain linseeds – essential fatty acids (omega 3 and 6) – for strengthening your horse. Some of our mixtures contain alfalfa fiber for a better digestion by increasing the meal’s duration and chewing.

Chelated vitamins and minerals supplementation fulfills your horse’s various nutritional needs by guaranteeing very digestible intakes.

Other very palatable and nutritional ingredients used in our mixtures: germinated rice/rice envelops (muscle recovery), red beet (antioxidants), carob (palatability and energy), garlic (blood circulation), carrot, etc.

We use exclusively raw materials that are compliant with the horse feed specifications and without natural prohibited substances contamination.