Mrs BRISOU & Quatar de Mesenguy

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Mrs. BRISOU won France’s championships (hitch category – which took place at Lignère (France) on the 9th and 11th of October 2015), with her horse: Quatar de Mesenguy, fed with the EQUIDA SPORT ENDURANCE.

On the 31st of August, during the hitch international competition, Mrs. BRISOU said that Quatar was in a very good shape all along the marathon, which was very intensive that year.

At the end of the marathon, veterinarians ranked Qatar de Messenguy as one of the two best in shape horses (among 80 horses).

Mrs. BRISOU second horse, Zero, which was out of shaped at the beginning of 2015, is now fed with:
•    6 liters of EQUIDA SPORT JUMP
•    2 liters of EQUIDA SHAPE POWER
•    4 liters of pellets
•    And hay

Zero has, since then, got back to shape. Being sensitive to oat, EQUIDA SPORT JUMP (our oat free mixture) helped Zero to get back into shape.

Since then, Zero won the Gruchet le Valasse (France) contest on the 15th of August in 2015. Zero was, as well into very good shape during the weekend of the 18th of September 2015 in which he ranked at the 4th position, in the elite category.