Who are we?



Our History :

We are a French company located in the Oise department in France with more than 20 years of experience in cereals manufacturing.

We are specialized in cereals’ transformation/business, as well as manufacturing high quality horse feed products.

Commercialized since 2014, EQUIDA products line was designed with experts of equine nutrition to satisfy the various horses’ nutritional needs.

EQUIDAs main advantages are very palatable products made with French local cereals in addition to other high quality ingredients.

Our technological facilities allow us industrial autonomy as well as a variety of possibilities to manufacture various horse feed mixtures.

The Team :

Thanks to the human size of our company, our team is very flexible and reactive to the different clients’ requests. Taking into account our clients’ feedback, reactivity and premium quality are our priorities.


Quality commitments :


Our products reflect our long experience in transforming raw materials. Indeed, thanks to our product line, we guarantee a balanced nutritional intake for your horse.

We think qualitative horse feed mixtures start with qualitative raw materials. That is the reason why we chose to use local French cereals, GMO free, manufactured according to GMP standards.

Indeed, raw materials go through different quality controls when received in our plant to make sure that they are in accordance to our horse feed specifications and without natural prohibited substances contamination.

All the raw materials used for the EQUIDA range are traced and the company leads an HACCP approach to guarantee that all our products meet the horse feed safety standards.

We guarantee that our EQUIDA SPORT product line is free of natural prohibited substances by analyzing each batch of finished product before expedition.

Research and Development :

EQUIDA products were developed with experts of the equine nutrition (nutritionists, veterinarians, etc.). The products’ compositions were confirmed with our partners. We always work with them on new products (by making tests on sport’s horses and by assessing the product’s impact on the horses’ shape and performance).


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