Shape Power is a granulated feed, complementary of cereals and fodder, designed for horses at work.

Crude protein 18.7 %
Crude fats 13.8 %
Starch 14.4 %
Digestible Energy (DE) 1.05

Which advantages ?

SHAPE POWER presents a high level of diversified and very easily digestible proteins (contains flakes of soya, toasted linseeds and lucerne). Soya flakes represent an interessant contribution in proteins, its regular and slow liberation in the digestive tract optimizes its assimilation.



High level of proteins and fats


Highly palatable feed mixture


Complementary of fodder for recovery for horses with moderate to intense activities

What’s in SHAPE POWER ?

SHAPE POWER offers a natural source of fats rich in essential fatty acids (omega 3 and omega 6) due to the incorporation of toasted linseeds, rice germ and bran, soya flakes. These elements are favorable for the motricity and the muscular recovery, the immune system, the reproduction, the protection and the beauty of the hair.

SHAPE POWER contains germ and bran rice very favorable for the muscular preservation of horses at intensive work levels.

SHAPE POWER offers more security to a ration made exclusively of cereals and fodder.


Key analytical values (/kg)

Digestible Energy (DE) 1.05
Protein Value (MADC system) 141.66 g

Instructions for use :

Use 0.5 to 1 kg of SHAPE POWER per day in complement of 4 to 5 kg of cereals in the daily ration and of hay (minimum 5 kg).

Make sure that clean and tempered water (10 to 18 °C) is always available for your horse.


Recommendations :

Calculate your horse’s ration on a weekly intake basis.

Reduce the quantity at least by half when your horse is in the pasture.

For any ration modification, it is highly recommended to do the transition during a period of 8 to 10 days.

Detailed composition for SHAPE POWER :

Analytical constituents (/kg)
Crude protein 18.7 %
Crude fat 13.8 %
Crude cellulose 15.1 %
Ashes 7.0 %
Starch 14.4 %
Sugar 5.8 %
Moisture 10.2 %
Calcium 8.6 g
Phosphorus 5.2 g
Lysine 8.2 g



Available in 25 kg bags or 3 kg buckets (5 liters).

Shelf-life : 6 months (starting from the production date).

Store in a dry and cool place, away from light and moisture.


Point clés ( / kg brut)

Crude Protein 18.7 %
Crude Fat 13.8 %
Starch 14.4 %
Digestible Energy (DE) 1.05 UI
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