Camel Breed with Ascogen® is a complementary feed for camels.

Crude protein 15.3 %
Crude fats 3.0 %
Digestible Energy (DE) 0.85

Which advantages ?

CAMEL BREED contains many ingredients beneficial for reproduction of breeding camels (gestation and lactation).

CAMEL BREED offers a very digestible ration with a high palatability.

CAMEL BREED contains Ascogen® and vitamins beneficial for sustaining breeding activities.


Higher energy and protein intake adapted for breeding


Highly palatable mixture


Contains fibres to optimise digestion and make it safer

What’s in CAMEL BREED ?

CAMEL BREED offers a diversified source of proteins and energy thanks to flakes (barley, maize, wheat, peas, faba beans and soya) and lucerne fibers and pellets.

Key analytical values (/kg)

Digestible Energy (DE) 0.85

Instructions for use :

Use 1 to 2 kg of CAMEL BREED per day according to the camel’s activity and shape.

Make sure that clean and tempered water is always available for your camel.


Detailed composition for CAMEL BREED :

Analytical constituents (/kg)
Crude protein 15.3 %
Crude fat 3.0 %
Crude cellulose 12.1 %
Ashes 6.2 %
Starch 28.83 %
Sugar 5.95 %
Moisture 12.1 %
Calcium 8.82 g
Phosphorus 4.39 g
Lysine 7.55 g

Nutritional additives (/kg)
Vitamin A 8 000 IU
Vitamin D3 1 200 IU
Vitamin E 172 IU
Vitamin C 8 mg
E1 – Iron 73 mg
E2 – Iodine 0.6 mg
E3 – Cobalt 0.2 mg
E4 – Copper 29 mg
E5 – Manganese 24 mg
E6 – Zinc 87 mg
E8 – Selenium 0.22 mg


Available in 20 kg bags.

Shelf-life : 6 months (starting from the production date).

Store in a dry and cool place, away from light and moisture.


Point clés ( / kg brut)

Crude Protein 15.3 %
Crude Fat 3.0 %
Digestible Energy (DE) 0.85